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23rd July Breakfast meeting with Ash Kotecha speaking

The meeting on the 23rd of July on a farm above Llanelli was filled with expectance and a hope in a real God. The evidence of a loving and real God we hope to show through the stories we have heard from people after the event and our own witness to the miracles and hope that was found on that day. If you, reading this and are in doubt of a God existing who loves you and you can't seem to grasp the evidence of him, we hope to show and encourage you through these stories that he is there and Jesus is the God we all look for. If Jesus knocks at you door you have to open it to see him.


Kelly Clarke's Experience

The account following is in Kelly's own words. I certify that i was present at this event and witnessed what happened to Kelly. The parts in messages in brackets, I have added just to indicate the place etc. where these things happened.

Kelly states that

"My name is Kelly Clarke and i am thirty six years of age. On the 23rd July I went to Brynteg Farm"

(This event was a breakfast meetkng at Brynteg Farm on the 23rd of July where Ash Kotecha was speaking.)

"My dad went up to speak about my sister Siobhan and how God had turned things around. So that he now sees her after not seeing her for three years. Shortly after that i went up for healing about my toothache, but Ash asked me "What have i done to my leg?". I said i've broken a  bone in my foot. I could barely move my foot or leg, before Ash prayed for healing. After that i committed my life to the Lord."

(I noticed that Kelly took off the leg apparatus boot and had no further use for it.)

"Since then i have been on bike rides, that i couldn't do before and i now cycle to church. Also, i have gone swimming and have no further use for my leg apparatus or the mobility scooter. Doctors have said on various occasions they would need to operate, but now Jesus has turned it about. Praise the Lord."

Typed out by Brian Morgan Secretary of West Wales slc FGB



David Phillips' Experience

On July the 23rd at Bob's farm in the barn, Ash Kotecha held a healing ministry. I David Phillips went forward for healing, he prayed for my Leukemia. A week later i went to hospital for my blood test, the doctor could not find any lumps in my body and my blood was healed of leukemia. The doctor told me she would check me once a year as she could not find any leukemia in my body.


By David Phillips