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Feast of Pentecost

The Feast of Pentecost.... 30th April

The Pentecost celebration at The Farm Cross was an amazing night of fellowship, good food and a night filled with the Holy Spirit. Around 70 people came and they were people from many nations, communities and churches who all came together over Cawl and Chicken Curry to start the evening. Each person entered the barn through a net of fish as a sign of being caught by God and then wrote their own names upon a cross with a heart on it. Each person then placed their personalized cross in a base of sand at a large cross to highlight that their heart belongs to Jesus. Then as one body we worshipped the living Lord and heard personal testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit which released faith in the power of God for today. The evening concluded with open prayer for the infilling of the Holy Spirit for His power, healing and for a deeper revelation of Jesus.



A big Thanks to all those involved in the FGB, Bob and Bernice, Seok Kwang & his worship team and Mathew Toller our speaker.

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